Husband not validating feelings

02-Nov-2017 14:32

A marker of an emotionally mature human is their ability to give with no strings attached.

This is giving out of fullness rather than emptiness. To further accomplish growing up in your marriage their affirmation, validation, and even trust.

You’re more likely to be met with defensiveness and pressure to revert back to the way things have always been (i.e. Breaking free of gridlock requires taking responsibility for yourself and your own well-being.

It also means discovering the ability to self-validate rather than depend on someone else’s validation for your own worth. Knowing who you are, who you aren’t, and sharing yourself with someone else without fear.

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We are simply at different points on the continuum.

Whenever I depend on my mate for understanding, empathy, acceptance, and/or accommodation, I increase the likelihood of gridlock.