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20-Nov-2017 08:09

The news of Lubeley’s Bakery closing after nearly 80 years of business spread rapidly.

Without fail, the response to the news was, “Noooooooooo!

So I snapped a few photos, soaked in my last moment at Lubeley’s, and went to Plan B for the dinner party: Federhofer’s Bakery.

To be honest, Federhofer’s in Affton, MO has been my locally-owned family bakery of choice for two decades.

You’re working for your parents’ dream, but what about yours?

For those of us who’ve never been in this position, this is all pure speculation, an attempt to walk in their shoes for a moment.

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What was once your high school job becomes a career that was assigned to you.

Then I think of how light-hearted the 2nd generation probably feels.

And that Vito Ponticello passed 17 months after his legacy closed. Back at Lubeley’s, inside the shop was even more chaotic than the parking lot.

The daughter (and eventual son-in-law) of Rose and Vito Ponticello spent all of her life working in the family business. Unlike other veteran restaurant families in North County, they did flee to St. They just wanted to see what living a normal life would be like.

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With no buyer emerging at the time, Ponticello’s is simply gone (but where are those recipes?! As of this writing, the building remains vacant, and every time I pass by, my heart feels heavy.

But while the Yacovelli family was waiting on our families, they weren’t spending time with (just typing that made my eyes well up with tears, I miss them so).

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