Daily star adult chat linnes

12-Aug-2017 00:31

And while the prospect of that You Tube video might strike you, an adult reader, as the 21st circle of hell, kids on the internet actually want to listen to this stuff.

Jones’ most popular a capella cover, of My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade,” has over five million views.

There’s also Vine and You Tube star Cameron Dallas, who came under fire again when he slut-shamed Jessica Alba during the 2016 Teen Choice Awards.

But Austin Jones’ alleged sex crimes certainly take the vile viral cake, leaving us nostalgic for a not-so-distant past of AIM and chat rooms.

Let’s not forget Nash Grier, the teenage Vine phenomenon who teamed up with fellow Vine star Cameron Dallas and You Tube star JC Caylen to inform their fans about “What guys look for in girls.” In that 2013 video, the man-boys expressed a preference for short and petite girls, with “natural” looks and “really good smiles.” They also criticized women who don’t shave, implying that natural facial or body hair is “gross.” Caylen shared his distaste for “fake tits,” with Grier adding that he dislikes women who are “obnoxious and loud.” Grier also urged his majority-female fans to “play hard to get,” telling them “the chase is such a big part” of what makes a woman attractive.

The cookie-cutter You Tube star—at least of the male variety—seems to be predominately white, with the voice of a medieval choirboy and the haircut of a 2010 Justin Bieber.According to the criminal complaint against Jones, the You Tube star “used Facebook and Apple’s i Message service to request and received videos depicting the genitalia of minor females, knowing that they were only 14 or 15 years old.” The complaint then describes an interview between Jones and Homeland Security investigators, during which Jones confessed that he had used Facebook to conduct sexually explicit conversations with young girls and solicit videos of them dancing and/or performing sexual acts.

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