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They are hoping to match last year's success and all the indications are that they will do so with the stand being busy from opening time on the Saturday.The National Motorcycle Museum is pleased to announce the details of their very special "Triumph" winter raffle.That’s just one example but there were 100s of the most outlandish lies I encountered when speaking to these people. If someone approaches you asking for a light, be very wary. The “do you have a light” opener never turned out well. Money Nacional is what the Cubans use for their day to day expenses like eating and general buying and selling of goods (one peso is 10 cents USD). Obsessed with the UFC, he liked to talk about fighting and training for fighting.Cu C is another currency they use (One Cu C is one USD). All of these old buildings crumbling away, you feel like you’re in a city of ruins and everywhere you look is another cool old building. One day I went with him to train and totally thrashed him.In hotels, it is against the law for Cuban girls to come back to your room, but in a casa particular it’s not an issue. dollars you are automatically penalized 10% off the top. Upon arrival I encountered a hellish baggage claim scenario where a few different carousels were running and people who had landed hours before were still waiting on their bags. This prepares you when negotiating a rate so you don’t get nailed with a “Gringo tax”. and pay whatever ridiculous price is told to them without any idea the real price.In addition to Lavidaloca’s advice, I contacted an American friend of mine who has been to Cuba multiple times and told me all sorts of cool activities to do like going Marlin fishing, scuba diving, etc. I had budgeted 100 dollars a day (16 days) plus I figured I might need some backup (400) and I was planning to bring 00 with me. When asking which carousel our bags would arrive on, we were told “Look at that carousel, and if they are not there, check the other ones”. We didn’t know where we were going in the city yet because, even though I asked THC several times to look through the online listings of Casa particulars (he speaks/reads Spanish and while I tried to read about the place, I just couldn’t do it), He never did and I gave up trying to get him to do it.And the real Cuba isn’t easy to fit onto a postcard. From the Afro-Cuban rhythms of Trinidad to turquoise waters in Gaujimico, this is the Cuba most travellers never get to see My wife and I had a memorable trip around Cuba, with an excellent english speaking Guide and driver with great accommodation good company, the transport provided was always clean and well maintained with a generous supply of cold water, Take at least double the suggested amount of $$ to cover your daily expenses, Cuba is not a cheap destination for tourists unless you can live on RUM alone.

A “casa particular” is just a room or apartment that a person rents out. I decided I was too sly for that and went to a Bank in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and pulled out 2000 USD worth of Dominican Pesos. The cost was around 250 Dollars if memory serves for a one way ticket and maybe 2 weeks notice. On the whole Island of Cuba, no bank would accept Dominican Pesos. Generally what I have discovered as a good technique not to be ripped off by taxis, is to ask a nearby person with no money interests with the taxis in the airport what the rates are for different destinations within the city.

When we finally got our bags I went over to a money exchange booth to get a few Cuban Cu C (there are two currencies in Cuba, Money National and Cu C, more on this confusing system later) I walked up and tried to exchange my Dominican Pesos and the gentleman behind the counter was confused. She called her friend and her friend assured her there was room for us.

And here is an important part of this system to remember, these people will ALWAYS say they have room, even when they don’t because once you show up, they will call another friend until they find someone with a room so they will get the commission.

They are sensual, affectionate, dress well (as well as they can), have style. Before going to Cuba I reached out to RVF member Lavidaloca. What most Americans do when they go there is fly to Cancun, and then on from Cancun to Havana.

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This guy spends months at a time in Cuba, and gave me all sorts of important intel, where to stay, where to go, even down to which night was best to go out etc. As an American, I was not allowed to fly from the States to Cuba and technically, going there is against U. Since I was buying a ticket from Santo Domingo, it was a non issue.The TOMCC have announced the headline acts for the entertainment at Trifest Skegness in 2018.

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