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04-Oct-2017 23:01

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It’s so exciting to see the Awards finally hit American shores, especially in NYC – the unofficial dating centre of the world!I wanted to make sure I had the formula right with the UK Awards before launching The Dating Awards in America, and I just hope America embraces the celebrations in the same way Europe has.The UK awards have been such a success and I'm sure the US awards will be no different. Jackson is an international coach and the Lifestyle and Relationships Editor for ESSENCE magazine, empowering the brand's audience of 13 million.She is the founder and president of Studio Social, a communications and connection agency.We had a bottle of wine waiting for us, and a reservation in their swanky fusion restaurant.We arrive and check in as Mr and Mrs Dyson and my heart flutters as we do because there’s something thrilling about hearing your married names when you are on a date night. When you are a young wild thing finding an outfit for a date night means nipping to Topshop in your work lunch break for a new dress, including accessories, shoes and maybe, if you fancy your luck being in, a whole new lace underwear set. at least one piece of clothing that doesn’t carry the stain of your child’s bodily fluids. What if I’m too After a firm talking to myself in the mirror, I finally get my shit together, and Mr Dyson hands me my bag and we awkwardly head out of the room, hand in hand, slightly butting each other against the door frame as we go and head to the restaurant.Of silent empty-toilet-roll-battles and picking pubes off the wall around the shower (HOW? It’s the light at the end of a tunnel of ridiculous bickering over who puts the empty coffee pods in the recycling, or who packs the kids lunch-boxes, or why no one is in this house to pick up a bloody wet towel from the bathroom floor.It’s a chance to reconnect and find each other again against a backdrop of family madness and it’s not ‘sad’ to need it and if you are so persuaded, call it ‘date night’. So, kids dispatched to my mother’s, we booked into the lovely hotel in London, and our room had views over the Thames, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.

Charly was the first ever Editor-in-Chief of the Guardian’s Soulmates blog, and runs regular Guardian Masterclasses.

(You wear that anyway, what the hell.) So after finally deciding on an outfit, I run a bath and start to shave my legs and that’s when they hit me square in the chest – date night nerves. No one admits that you can get as nervous on a date with your husband as you can with a virtual stranger you met on Tinder three weeks ago. Normally I’d let him barge in whilst I am legs akimbo sorting out the bush for swimming or something but if there is a sex-pectation on the cards, I can’t show him the technical getting-readiness, can I? Luckily, I have with me a bic razor (ouch), nail scissors, and a sample size of Femfresh that I nicked when I volunteered for the NCT three years ago and I set to work, hacking down the rainforest that has sprouted down there, micro-climate included, and emerge having half sculpted a surprise love heart on my mons pubis. ) Of course, when I finally materialise from the bathroom Mr Dyson was looking as hot as he did on our wedding day and again, the flutter of nerves rise to my throat and sprout into beads of sweat on my forehead. It feels good, it feels conspiratorial and I feel the nerves calm a bit.

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