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Her man was glad which helped, but Rosie felt bad for, though a good man, there was no love, though she had appealed to the Lord above to fire her passion and open her heart, but all she could see were binding ties, and a feeling of panic hard to disguise.So, today, she had one intention, to fly in her head away, where troubles pass by and all feels good, and full of hope as she gathers the courage to cope with being a bride in three days time, and not resent losing her looks and her prime chained to a man who got her with child, on the one rare day when she went wild, and, throwing caution aside, gave in, hiding the fact she knew it was a sin, and the price she'll pay for the rest of her life, is trying to be a good mother and wife.Not the best way of resolving differences, to walk away, but, sometimes, the only choice at hand when all has failed, a friendship built on sand will never last for some minds cannot meet, dancing through the world to a different beat.And the virtual world cements relationships, creates new and sometimes lasting fellowships, a world minds are busy adjusting to because almost hard to believe is true or real in so many ways: networks across the earth bringing humans together, a new world to birth, but still one where the real world's conflicts exist and, sadly, seems likely to continue for human beings appear to love to argue vehemently for what they believe is true whether in the old world or in the new. Some creep tentatively through life feeling their way cautiously, some charge wildly through life enjoying living dangerously, some roam nomadically through life living it somewhat erratically, some stumble sadly through life never knowing why exactly, some walk apathetically through life considering all indifferently, some stride belligerently through life treating all aggressively, some swagger pompously through life behaving to all imperiously, some hide furtively through life preferring to act covertly.RECENT POEMS 7 Rosie Malloy A Victorian Tale Rolling along in the charabanc at a pace, the wind in her air, a smile on her face, the sun shining down from a clear blue sky, and nobody to ask her who, where or why, Rosie Malloy was just here for the ride, in three days time, she'd be a bride, so this was a day to call her own, one that was free, for her alone, to enjoy a few hours of freedom, before her life became boringly humdrum. In Rosie's life, no expectations of new, born into a family of twelve, she'd marry to escape, and now it was more of a hurry.With a swelling belly, she'd sighed and wept, a secret she wished she could have kept, but not for long.This grim refusal to give up is most likely ingrained, a survival mechanism, from days of yore when first we walked the earth, rising from all fours to stand up straight, and realized that we had come to birth, a new species, one able to live on wits, on wiles, with a host of new skills and hands that grasp, and, vitally, we'd learned to speak.

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But deep inside each cocoon must dream that, one day, we might know what's real, not here, but somewhere, now obscured from sight, where everything will be light, and the darkness of the night will burst with an illumination as each consciousness expands to embrace the whole in a sublime unfolding of the real in a final revelation.But, sadly, it's not always possible to restore because too many differences to ignore, so, as in the real world, both separate, allowing the other to leave without hate or anger bringing both to bitter exchanges.Then, briefly, the virtual world rearranges itself, filling in the space the person occupied, searching the virtual reality worldwide, seeking a replacement for the vacuum, one more conducive and akin to whom communication will be less fractious, and less need to be constantly cautious that words will be misunderstood, and there will be far less likelihood of conflict in the future.So often what appears beautiful in life can hide a multitude of perils, concealed from sight sometimes, but present all the same, and the hapless receiver can fall prey to an allure that seemed the stuff of dreams when first perceived, but, in time, reveals another side where beauty gives way to ugliness and the dream becomes a nightmare.

How many times has beauty trapped a heart, brought rapturous praises and great delight that such a one, who, in their fantasies, saw only the surface, and fell in love, they thought, with the perfect dream, a fulfillment of their desires, to wake later and find the fantasy had melted in the fires of disappointment, and passion sat frozen when the heart, so seemingly warm, turned out to be of ice, and bitter tears were wept when beauty turned out to be the beast.*********** The Fixers Like super glue an unresolved problem sticks to neurons in the brain and, once there, cling with a determination that can't be broken until a solution is unveiled, or a distraction greater than it, severs the connection, freeing the brain to resume normality, previously hijacked by a frustrating reality.