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Maybe it’s my late Nana’s influence (she was a huge Obama fan.She had a collection of plates, posters, mugs, and books) but I feel as if we lost a true gem, though I know I’m not the …Social media, especially Instagram, has created a lot of ‘superstars’ and millionaires.

Some fruits have to be peeled to be eaten, like bananas and oranges, and that’s normal enough. But have …With North Korea’s recent threats and aggression giving hints at a possible nuclear war, the international community is rallying together to put a stop to allowing such a radical country to continue with their testing.

Be it as it may, there comes a point in most people’s lives when they have tried to blend in.

Well, here is a compiled list …Schools can be fairly strict with their dress codes.

On her bio on Instagram, it said that she is a self-taught SFX makeup artist and she was also the winner of …When those that are supposed to be caring and loving do the exact opposite of the image or role that they portray, it is even more so devastating.

That’s why when doctors or nurses commit outright murders or when police officers abuse their power, the public becomes outraged.The two men are now in a polyamorous relationship with Cait in the mix as well and often refer to themselves as a ‘throuple,’ (mix of ‘three’ and ‘couple.’) But originally, Matt wasn’t so …What a woman chooses to do with her body is her own business.