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31-Dec-2017 00:31

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I’ve been playing minecraft since 1.7 having made (and deleted) a LOT of worlds already.

Eventually I got bored ‘cause I never got content with a world.

Now that I came back from my break, I decided to play on the latest world I have and hopefully make it last forever (as long as updates do not break everything I have in it). You’d think after a year, I’d actually have a house, at least a dirt hut or something.

This is just a randomly generated world, no fancy seeds with quad witch huts, just a regular world with nothing special. I’m not really too keen on building houses in survival. This is just a single village iron farm which is really REALLY slow at 41 iron ingots per hour but if left running for the whole day, it’s actually pretty decent for all my basic iron needs.

This means you’ll be able to get more photos, files or other downloads with your email than ever before.

Sadly the upgrade doesn’t extend to sending bigger attachments, with that limit still capped at 25MB for now.

Here’s hoping Craigslist can keep the regulars happy while giving newcomers and occasional visitors more reasons to return to the site.

However mobile customers may need to update their Gmail app in order to see the new feature come in, so be sure to visit the Google Play Store soon.

Gmail is the most widely-used provider across the globe, with more than one billion users worldwide According to estimates, around 60 per cent of mid-sized companies in the United States were using Gmail.

However the fact that Google has introduced a new larger limit may suggest that such a move may be coming soon.

If you want to send bigger files or attachments, you’ll need to use Google Drive, where subscribers can send files up to 5TB in size.Gmail users are set for a major update which will see them to share more than ever before.

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