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13-Jan-2018 16:37

Your HR department is your investment in accomplishing these goals with the people you employ.Whether their customer is management or individual employees, your HR staff is accountable for producing the results you need in each of these areas.He believes that everything HR does must add value to the business.The next phase for HR “which is emerging, is using HR practices to respond to and create value based on external business conditions." Says Ulrich, “This direction needs to be connected to the business, both the business context which shapes decision making and specific stakeholders around whom business strategies are created.”If your HR staff remain focused on designing innovative business practices in areas such as sourcing, hiring, compensation, and communication, they are not transforming their role to align with forward-thinking practices.Now, most organizations call employees and the department or office designated to assist the organization and its people, Human Resources.

See how these new roles of the HR employees have evolved.

Human resources, as a name for employees, was first used in a book published in 1893 according to Wikipedia and was regularly used in the early 1900's.

The modern use of the term, human resources, dates from the 1960's.

And, of course, changing the name of the HR service organization results in changes to HR job titles.

VP of People and Culture, Chief People Person, Employee Happiness Cultivator, People Operations Manager, VP of People, Chief Happiness Officer, Director of Employee Engagement, Chief People Officer, and Chief of Culture are a few that have cropped up in recent years.In keeping with the new roles of the HR professional, organizations are rethinking what they want to call the office that deals with the organization’s human resources.

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