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By default, this is disabled due to x86 early mapping size limitation.

acpi_irq_balance [HW, ACPI] ACPI will balance active IRQs default in APIC mode acpi_irq_nobalance [HW, ACPI] ACPI will not move active IRQs (default) default in PIC mode acpi_irq_isa= [HW, ACPI] If irq_balance, mark listed IRQs used by ISA Format: ...

lax: access to resources claimed by ACPI is allowed; legacy drivers trying to access reserved resources will bind successfully but a warning message is logged.But it may still not able to affect the final state of a string if there are quirks related to this string. For broken n Force2 BIOS resulting in XT-PIC timer.This command is useful when one want to control the state of the feature group strings to debug BIOS issues related to the OSPM features. acpi_sleep= [HW, ACPI] Sleep options Format: See Documentation/power/for information on s3_bios and s3_mode.This option is useful for developers to identify the root cause of an AML interpreter issue when the issue has something to do with the repair mechanism.

acpi.debug_layer= [HW, ACPI, ACPI_DEBUG] acpi.debug_level= [HW, ACPI, ACPI_DEBUG] Format: PCI_COMPONENT Bits in debug_level correspond to a level in ACPI_DEBUG_PRINT statements, e.g., ACPI_DEBUG_PRINT((ACPI_DB_INFO, ... See Documentation/acpi/for more information about debug layers and levels.

Enable processor driver info messages: acpi.debug_layer=0x20000000 Enable PCI/PCI interrupt routing info messages: acpi.debug_layer=0x400000 Enable AML "Debug" output, i.e., stores to the Debug object while interpreting AML: acpi.debug_layer=0xffffffff acpi.debug_level=0x2 Enable all messages related to ACPI hardware: acpi.debug_layer=0x2 acpi.debug_level=0xffffffff Some values produce so much output that the system is unusable.

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