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In fact, the founding of Virginia itself was partially in response to this problem.

In his (1584), Richard Hakluyt (the younger) argued to Queen Elizabeth that new American colonies would energize England's "decayed trades" and provide work for the country's "multitudes of loyterers and idle vagabondes."In England, an indenture, or contract for labor, was known as a "covenant merely personal," and could apply either to farm laborers or apprentices learning a trade.

While tenants kept half of what they earned, servants kept nothing and were almost entirely at the mercy of their masters for the terms of their indentures.

Movement up the ladder was limited, even once a term of service had been completed, although servants with marketable skills had a greater chance of success.

Few servants were like In the summer of 1620, the Virginia Company of London announced that it would send to Virginia, at "publike charge," "eight hundred choise persons," half of whom were assigned to be tenants of company land.

One hundred "yong Maides" were sent to "make wives for these Tenants," and one hundred boys to serve as apprentices.

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Planters, mariners, and merchants then fixed the servants' years of service based on the labor required to recoup their purchase price and subsequent care.

Servants, who ranged from convicted criminals to skilled workers, in time came to occupy the lowest rung on the social ladder in Virginia.

Servitude had a long history in England, dating back to medieval serfdom.

The Ordinance of Labourers, passed in June 1349, declared that all men and women under the age of sixty who did not practice a craft must serve anyone requiring their labor.We absolutely loved each other's profiles, but we were 3,000 miles apart.