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Well, if you can't find evidence of Windows running on well on machine with 2 processors, or of the significant low-level changes Microsoft have made to ensure it does, you aren't looking very hard.

Similarly, if you're one of the "Vista is just XP with a fancy skin" crowd, you've obviously not done much research.

Realistic enough to really get you into the feel of rallying, or touring cars, or whatever, but not SO realistic that only pros can play the game. Almost done packing for the trip to WWDC : D going to be a busy show, just to many must attend session for the work I do...

The early "Colin Mc Rae Rally" games were tons of fun for that very reason. but it is going to be fun and informative as usual.

Commenting on the damage early in the game is like saying FF7's magic sucked because all you have is the fire materia.

MS Windows has about 95% of the world market...doesn't mean the technology is better.:) A phone that works in most of the world is better for many of us. The server/desktop division with Windows - as with OS X - is one of marketing, not software.

I'm a professional user, and received exceptional online and phone support by other companies for 300$ products, but no service whatsoever for 20k of Apple products.

I know quite a few studios who have already shifted BACK to Avid and some are taking on the Adobe Suite completely as their software of choice.

Merging would be taking 2 things to make 1 new thing. A more unified experience is definitley in Apple's plans for the future of both OS-es. Lion takes a lot of cues from IOS (have you looked at it? Jobs claims they don't want a touch screen Macintosh, yet they've patented the hell out of them and have bought components and things (obviously they've got something in the labs).

Watched the Back To The Mac keynote and listened to Steve Jobs talk about this strategy? When that day does come, and it most likely will be sooner than later... The way people want to interact with technology is changing. To something more exciting that what we've had since the 1980's.

Needless to say, those faults are well documented as inherent design flaws of the products mentioned.

That's Apple Germany, mind you - I would never even try to contact Apple US for possible issues with the computers I bought and use over there, as customer protection in the US is virtually non-existent.

Samantha Lloyd is just another ordinary girl who has to move to Australia, because of her mum's new boyfriend.

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